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The History of Vimy Diesel's Location since 1951

Ivan's father Henry Pelletier operated Pelletier Services at this location from 1951 - 1969. After Henry's passing Ivan and his sisters ran the gas station until 1973 then Ivan left to go pursue his career in the Automotive trade. He received his license on Feb 23/1978, he continued to work for other companies in order to gain experience for starting his own business. Ivan Pelletier then acquired the shop in 1994 and ran it under the name Vimy Corner Service until incorporating it in 1996, under the current name of Vimy Diesel Injection Inc.

He is also a proud part of ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists) & AMVIC.

He tries to find the best deals for his customers, has a great reputation, takes pride in the work performed & will always help the best way he can.

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